2 Worlds

Old memories. Hong Kong 2016. It was a humid Friday night upon landing at HKG. After settling into my hotel, I went sightseeing and to find somewhere to have a light dinner. On my way back from dinner, I stumbled upon two scenes that left me with existential questions which brought me to tears. to… Continue reading 2 Worlds


Discipline over Motivation; dinner at Din Tai Fung

It was a fine Saturday evening wandering in Causeway Bay (Hong Kong). I planned to have dinner at Din Tai Fung. After I waited in line and sat down at the table alone, Truong texted me and asked what my plan was that evening. I replied that I had no plans and invited him to… Continue reading Discipline over Motivation; dinner at Din Tai Fung


Last day in Hong Kong craved some coffee. I googled around and found this wonderful place about 10 minutes walk from my accommodation. I headed out in the hot and humid summer day in search for this coffee shop. I found myself ordering a latte and it got me wishing to have more time and stay… Continue reading WINSTONS COFFEE visit